Creating Minimalism in Your Life (Series)

One of my favourite aspects of life to explore is minimalism, ironically the idea is to be simple and small but yet it has so much to learn and there is so much to know. It is a fantastic style of life thought as there is so much it can do for someone. The basic concept is bringing your life to the bare essentials and the necessities, it focuses on making your life simpler and easier to deal with while retaining all the things you need. That is the focus, things you need not all the weird material possessions that exist. Do you need a 60 inch flat screen tv and an entire bookcase dedicated to movies? For most the answer is no, for some well then maybe this isn’t the lifestyle for you. Minimalism aims to make your home, or your space simple, stress free and comfortable. Cluttered homes tend to be stressful homes, that is just logical, if you have a lot of stuff, you have a lot to organize, clean and upkeep. This leads to stress because you are worried that everything has a place and everything is clean and it just takes over your life. Where as minimalism focuses on functionality mixed with simplicity.

Simplicity in a home is beautiful, it means everything is doing something, everything has a purpose and it frees up so much space. Which allows for more company, friends or activities to take place. As a young individual I appreciate this because my space is open and allows my creativity to flow a lot better. It takes a lot of work to achieve minimalism but do not let this discourage you because once you have this in your life everything is simpler, there is less work to be done, less upkeep needed and more time to enjoy your home as it was meant to be. When it comes to my home I need to sweep the floors every couple of days and do any leftover dishes, otherwise my chores are minimal.

The benefits to minimalism are clear, but let me run over a few so you can begin to consider it further. You have less clutter which in apartments or smaller homes can do wonders. You have less housework and therefore more time to do the things you enjoy. You have a beautiful space which means you can entertain and have house guests without worry of a mess. You may begin to have less furniture or less random pieces which allows for an open and free space. Finally your pieces are functional and serve a purpose which may mean intriguing furniture or nice functional space. Depending if you choose to live minimal and just have less or if you choose to live with minimal design you will have both an open and beautiful space.

This post is the beginning to a series of different aspects. I would like to cover all the different sectors of minimalism and how you can achieve it in your life. To put all of these into one article would be ridiculously long as I could go on for hours. So if you keep checking in this will be a series of 6 posts that will teach you how to achieve minimalism in your life. I will start with common places such as your living room and lobby, then move onto kitchens and bathrooms. A more intense and sentimental space is the bedroom so I will do an entire article on that and finally a minimalist wardrobe. These are my main aspect of this field and it is a lot to cover. Whether you want to take this on in your life or simply educate yourself on it I hope these posts prove to be of benefit.

Just a quick personal story for this topic. I began working on minimalist about 6 months ago and it has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I feel better because instead of the “american dream” of big everything and material possessions I have meaningful things in my space. My house has become a place that I work, play and relax in. People enjoy coming over and being there because it is a comfortable space to hangout. It is simple, open and basic, it has everything you could need and a little bit extra. I don’t live minimalism to it’s fullest but I am certainly working on it. It has extended to my wardrobe and my lifestyle altogether. I am happy with what I have achieved and I love everything about it. I feel so much better knowing that I am both saving money and space by having functional pieces and just the essentials. I have managed to create a comfortable and beautiful space out of my house and made an attempt to let this stretch to all corners of my life. I hope that through these articles you can see the benefits and the great benefits to this and maybe you will take it on into your life. I hope to inspire more to see the greatness that is minimal and maybe through time and sharing we can alter the american dream to living good and living smart instead of living with excess.!

Check back for more on this series and I look forward to sharing more of this great concept with you!


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