Minimalism in the Common Spaces

The first part in my series about minimalism will be in the house, specifically in the common areas. Thankfully when it comes to minimalism this is the best area to start. The problem many encounter with this process is that we all have many possessions of sentimental value or of importance. However in common spaces we have an easier time, because items of such value aren’t often kept there. However if there are while you follow this post, try and find a way to turn these items into a centrepiece or show piece.

So the first place I decided to work with was my living room, I did this when I first moved so it was a little easier. We tried to fill the place with a couch and entertainment unit, it just didn’t work. So instead I decided to re think the entire house, and we started there. I got rid of the large entertainment stand, got rid of the couch. Replaced it with stackable chairs and a table that can be taken apart really easily. Everything in the room is now functional. The table serves as a desk, workspace and table for any other uses. It is still in great shape and could be be used for a large dining table. The chairs serve as seating, for both work and entertainment, they can be stacked out of the way and they can easily be removed, as can the table. The small little flat screen and Apple TV, provide all my music and all the entertainment needed in the house.

Essentially you need to work out what the room’s main purpose will be, then once you have that think of it’s location and what other things you could easily use the room for. For example our living room was to be a workspace, social space, art space, conversation space and extra room for company. So after many ideas thrown around, from a bed/ couch to other ideas. I decided a simple polished white tabletop with black sawhorse legs and black chairs would be great. It is a beautiful space and can be easily changed depending on the needs.

The next choice you need to make is whether you want minimalist decor and design or just to fulfill minimalism in your life. One is taking on the glossy white and simple look where the other is making your life simple and easy. For example I prefer to mix style and most of my house is industrial minimal. It is open, uncluttered and with purpose but not all white and standard.

Finally decide on the kind of furniture that can be multifunctional. Things like stackable chairs, folding or expanding tables, transforming furniture and things with hidden storage. Most minimal designs actually hide so much. You may see a wall with some cupboards but inside is piled with stuff and everything is just cleverly hidden. Organization is key. I personally just chose not to own a lot, so that helps, but on top of that we have all the multi functioning pieces that help achieve this.

Keep checking back in for the next steps where I go into wardrobe, bedroom, kitchen and other areas of our lives!
I hope this post helps you find some inspiration and reason to try minimalism! If you have any feedback feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts. I am not an authority on this but I know what works for me so I’m so open to feedback!
Have a wonderful day!


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