Create Your Reality with this Easy Concept

I have recently come across a term/ concept that has appealed to me on so many levels, it is a term that was coined in order to describe the audacity that Steve Jobs had and his ability to sell everyone on his ideas. This lead to his success and it is a fairly simple concept to follow. It is a form of thinking that convinces yourself that anything is possible, no matter how improbable or tough you refuse to see the challenges and convince yourself that this idea isn’t just a thing it is a need. The world can’t live without your idea and this is the way you sell yourself on things. Eventually this faith consumes you and every aspect seems possible and people around you will buy into your dream and as this pattern continues more people will buy into it. Steve Jobs felt so confident that his idea was not only valuable but something that everyone needed. He believed everyone needed his product in their life and he was right look at things now today, Everyone has apple products and everyone has them in their life. The company has consumed so many and is now one of the largest consumer based companies in the world. The products are both renowned for their design, user friendly interface and their appeal to such a large market. Yet all of this started as a dream and he let it consume his life thus convincing himself and eventually others that his idea was a necessity, not just a product.

A reality distortion field is just that way of thinking, convincing not only yourself but everyone that the idea is worth and necessary. The more you can sell people on the idea the more it becomes a thing. This isn’t delusional it is just a firm belief in what your doing and that is essential to you and the rest of the world. This is similar to the term god complex, where one has a firm belief in everything they do is of importance and value, that they aren’t wrong and that they are always right. However it is a little less pretentious, Reality distortion instead just takes your idea and allows it to become possible, probably and valid.

This technique can really help you focus on an idea and help to realize it. Once you have convinced yourself that this is possible and a need you can work towards convincing others that this idea has to be realized. This is great because in today’s world no idea is a bad idea and everything can be a new product or item. Everything has a chance and we can all realize our ideas. The people who can master this reality distortion are the ones who are going to go much further because they already have the why and all the how’s just start coming to them. Once you completely believe that your idea is a need and everyone must have it well the rest falls into place, you put it out there and you are confident about it, you know your idea is right. You know that without a doubt it is the next big thing.

You aren’t even lying to yourself or deceiving anyone, you are allowing your mind to strive by convincing yourself of just how great this idea is, just how needed it is. You are motivating your mind to follow through because this is how you succeed. It is not hard to create this reality distortion field it just requires constant thought, dedication and reminders so you will continue to follow through with it. Through a mix of charm, charisma, faith, hard work and dreaming your ideas can come to life and you can convince and sell everyone around you on it’s success.

So go ahead and start trying to realize your ideas, create a reality distortion field and show yourself just how successful you will be. Don’t let anyone get you down, instead sell them on it, prove it is needed and create greatness!
Thanks for reading! As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I really hope that you gained a new concept or learned something!


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