My Design Process – 3 Basic Steps to use in Life

Today I would really like to share with you how I work, my process and how I come up with my work. Now to clarify I am not a professional designer, I’m not contracted or working with anyone, I simply enjoy designing and work on it in my personal time. However I have found my process to work very effectively and I figure maybe this can apply to many other things in life. Once broken down I realize that there are many very basic ideas behind it.

So I want to go through my process, and how I come up with anything. I want to start with just what exactly I produce and where I get the idea that I have a reason to share this. I would self entail as an industrial designer, I mainly started creating out of need, then it became something I enjoyed and now I design anything from furniture to small items and space saving solutions. My obsession is with small spaces and efficiency in the home and I found that this was possible in design. I have found that from drawings to small scale mock ups and all the way to full scale models, design has opened a lot of creative outlets for me.

My first step is inspiration, I would hate to start any project without some actual inspiration. I start with an idea, my idea, I take whatever I need or want to create and keep that idea. Next I try and figure out what my idea is relevant to, I search for a while to find if there are any similar ideas and use those as guides to what I should do next. If the idea is a new concept, then I let whatever inspiration exists in my head and I find a way to make it a physical thing. Point being whether your idea exists or if it is brand new there are so many possibilities for it. Finding things that are relevant and can help boost your idea is beneficial. With new ideas you cannot give up on them no matter how crazy they can seem, you need to carry them out and finish them off.

Next is refining, I believe that I am constantly changing the original thought, improving, modifying, refining. This is the only way I can take any idea down to what it really needs to be instead of all the excess. Trying to create minimalism becomes a factor even in my designs. Most ideas have gone through multiple drafts before they become something I will even consider building, and once it is decided that they can be built they go through even more refinement until they are nothing but the bare essentials. So with every idea we need to refine and continue to work it through to get to a better result. Taking the excess out of an idea and bringing it down to it’s pure essence and nothing else.

Once we get through the basic phases we need to get to the point of actual application and putting it into use. We need to then take our ideas and make them a reality or otherwise you become all talk. Wouldn’t you rather accomplish something or at least try then just doing nothing about it? Putting our ideas into action is the biggest step that needs to be taken, whether it be art, concepts or even life changes. We all talk a lot however it is rare that we do anything that allows us to actually accomplish our goals. The main successful people in life have all taken their ideas and gone through these steps to achieve their goals. They have instead taken the action to take their ideas and implement them. They had such a belief that they went through all of the steps to manage to realize their abilities.

I started this exact process with the hope that maybe I could start realizing my ideas. I was tired of just having ideas. So I took my plans and started making them. Turning my ideas into real objects, it means I am finally realizing my ideas. Also for my field having a portfolio full of ideas and real world creations is far better than just drawings.
Anyways I hope you all have an amazing day! Happy Friday! I hope these 3 steps proved insightful if not helpful, thanks for reading!


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