Simple Routines for a More Productive Day

Have you ever found that when you have a schedule or things scheduled during your day you produce more? Do you ever wonder why? Do you get this feeling at the end of the day that you accomplished a lot? Do you want more of that feeling? If you answered yes to any of the above than this may be for you.

When we have a schedule we know when important things are happening and it drives us to complete more tasks before that time. We know that we need to stop everything we are doing for that time and can resume after it is done. So our minds are driven to work harder. We want to accomplish as much as we can before our deadline, that time when something is scheduled. So how does this work? Well our mind is aware that other things have to get done and it gets us to work on whatever it is we are doing harder until that point and time. For example I schedule no more than an hour to write each day, this means that during that hour I have all that time to focus and finish writing. I won’t let it go past that time because I know something else needs to get done. So my mind is in overdrive for one solid hour of work, no interruptions just work. I get so much more done knowing there is a deadline.

Then at the end of the day you feel like you have actually done something right? Well this is because you can look back at a schedule and know that between certain times you accomplished this, then you went to your next scheduled item and worked on that. You can see a separation of activities and it makes your mind aware of the multiple things you did. If you say worked from home, did dishes, cleaned the house, made food, and then wrote but just as you felt and as it happened you wouldn’t be able to look at the end of the day and see concise items of what you did, because it is all jumbled together. By having a schedule and having a routine you are forcing your mind to recognize the work you are doing and the things you are accomplishing whether they are big or small.

Let’s talk routine, everyone has something in their head that they do, one after another, say you shower, get dressed and do your hair, then you eat breakfast. In your head you are aware of this and you are aware that it happens, however at the end of the day it just seems like 4 things that you always do. My day is scheduled from the time I wake up, I have a calendar and from the time I wake up (same time) everyday it starts my schedule. I do certain things in a certain order and now there is written proof that it happens. I stick to this schedule religiously and I do not stray from it. Then at the end of each day I can look at the list of scheduled items and know that I accomplished those things today. It helps to use your time wisely and productively while accomplishing the things you need.

So try it, schedule your days for even a couple days to a week, then take a look back at the schedule and you can look at each item and remember you did those things, you will be able to look back and know you did these certain things. This can be of benefit to anyone, whether you want to be more productive, limit how much of something you do or even if you are just forgetful. It helps having evidence that you did things and it will lead to a more productive day.

Just an idea I wanted to present!
As always have an awesome day and I hope you learned or were inspired by something here!
Thanks for reading



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