The Inspiration and Freedom of Downtown Living

Never before in my life have I felt like I am in such a comfortable place, I am relaxed, easy going, focused, hard working and generally pretty happy. Even on the slowest of rainy days I am still in high spirits and feeling great. I took a moment to take a look around me and see if maybe my surroundings could be playing into this happiness and my overall joy. From looking around I have discovered that living in downtown Guelph is one of the greatest things I have done to date. There is so much to downtown living that I would love to share with others and hopefully see more people transition to living in the core of their city.

So to start off Guelph is one of the safest and happiest cities around, everyone is always in a good mood and there is always something happening, it’s a very happening city and here I am lucky enough to be sitting right in the center of all that is happening. The building I live in is easily 100 years old, high ceilings, hardwood floors and stone walls, it is a gorgeous place to live, work and play. Despite it’s location right in the center of the city it is quiet enough, it is peaceful and it is relaxing. There is a private rooftop terrace that can be enjoyed on nice warm days and provides a beautiful view of most of the city. There is a lot to the building that is convenient and helps provide the feeling of relaxation and happiness, as opposed to all the thoughts that downtown living is sketchy or loud.

The next major benefit is ease of access and convenience when it comes to the downtown lifestyle. Literally everything you want is at your doorstep and everything is within a walking distance. Whether it is food, coffee, restaurants, entertainment, stores, hair stylists, and offices, they are all located in the core of the city. The options are vast and the choices are endless. There are markets and grocery stores in a quick walk and I could essentially live out of the downtown area without much need to leave. With all this convenience I have chosen to not get a car, and save the time, money and costs associated with driving. Nothing is too far to walk and if anything is further than my preferred walking distance then the public transit hub is down the street from my apartment and is a convenient and relaxing way to get places. I also like many downtown dwellers own a bike and use it as frequently as possible to get to my destination near or far.

The title states the freedom of living downtown, this freedom is derived from the simple fact that anything is within reach, there is everything I need nearby, no travel time, no commutes, no traffic jams, it is a brilliant place to reside. If I get bored of sitting in the apartment then I can go for a walk, go explore, go socialize, both inside stores and out on the street, there is always something to do. When it comes to entertainment there are festivals, shows, concerts, and live events all over the downtown area and as a matter of fact the downtown core is the place for entertainment. There is a constant opportunity for a change of scene, between the nearby parks, the outside architecture, the street, the roof, and inside of stores. There is no dull moment if you choose to be constantly out exploring and busy.

The simple things like waking up and going to work in a coffee shop is beautiful, to be able to enjoy the scenery of the bustling downtown core during everyone’s morning rush while sipping a coffee and working away. The number of days where I spend a couple hours in a coffee shop to write, sketch or work on a project is great, it is slow going, quiet and relaxing is just amazing. Knowing that an experience like that is just steps away is great, it also helped me create a stable routine to get out of the house and keep busy during the mornings. Something to inspire me to leave bed even though I don’t need to is a good thing to have, being productive the whole morning is a good feeling. At the end of the day I can look at everything I did and realize that there is a lot that has been accomplished and that is something to be proud of.

The inspiration of living downtown is all around me, everywhere I look there is something to be inspired by. Whether it is the people I meet during my morning, the things I see when I look out my window, the buildings around me, the stores and all their wonders and so on. There is so much that is around me to inspire, a change of place is always nice and if I wanted to go work outside or anywhere it isn’t far, it isn’t cumbersome and it is fun.

Overall I would have to say that living downtown has been extremely freeing, the benefits outweigh the cost of an apartment. You save on transportation, and you make up for things in convenience of the location over anything else. There is so much and if you have a nice downtown area try looking for an apartment there, it is a competitive market and with good reason.


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