My name is Alex Humphrey

I’m a young guy who believes firmly that life is to be lived by the individual instead of the masses. Your life is yours so why live by the same way that everyone else has? Our lives should be lived as we want them to achieve our own happiness instead of pleasing others. I believe in this so firmly that I have decided to embark on this life challenge to live as I please and no other way. This means I want to achieve my desired life through my own efforts not others. I don’t want to be made to go somewhere specific, I want to make myself to go where I want to be. I believe in daily positivity and looking at life with an open mind that is always learning and always expanding. This blog serves as a way for me to share my ideas and steps with the world as well as a place to share some of the things that have inspired me to be as I am.
I am not selling or promoting anything, I just want to show people the difference that living by your own means and direction can change your life for the better.

I come from a diverse background of struggles, problems and odd events and these have not impeded my ability to be the person I am today. I know that no one is perfect and I strive to constantly learn new ways to be a better me to benefit myself and help others. This blog will be a record of how these learnings are changing me and maybe they can offer some inspiration to change things in your own life. I cannot change anyone nor do I set out to, I can simply offer my ideas and advice in hopes that it reaches someone.

I am focused on living a happy, productive, positive lifestyle that will allow for maximum success within comfortable means. I don’t want to be successful and miserable, I want to be happy and successful.

I hope that this serves as some inspiration and guidance to some, and for others even if you are just reading to follow along I applaud being here for that!



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