Minimalism in Housing

This is a subject I completely forgot to touch on and it’s weird because it is a topic I feel pretty strongly about. The idea of minimizing not only your lifestyle but the space you take up. Small space living is a phenomenon that is only now starting to turn heads and get noticed.

Small space living is simple, you take the size of any house and bring it down to a couple hundred square feet. Some of these are under 100 square feet but generally small space living counts as any space under 1000 square feet. So it can be a pretty broad area to play with.

Living in a small space does not mean sacrifice, especially if you are already embarking on a minimalist lifestyle. If not, it is still possible, most people who live in small spaces just get really good at hiding the things they need but not constantly. Many tiny homes are built around the idea of storage. So if you do still have a ton of stuff then find a way to hide it.

One of the main reasons that this trend may not be catching on as much as we’d like is that small spaces aren’t commercially available, they aren’t easy to find. For the most part people design and build them all by themselves. So really a small space is a decision and something you need to dedicate yourself to, there are many misconceptions about small spaces and I want to address a couple of them.

First off, small spaces aren’t like living in a bad studio they are created to take an entire house to a mobile or small footprint setting, without sacrificing the feeling of being in a house. There are still divided spaces, height, dimension and complex ideas.

The people who live in small spaces, there is no stereotype of people for small spaces, people think it is just a bunch of cheap hippies or near homeless people. There are so many different people, and let’s think by living in a small space if you were already rich you would just have even more money to save, making it a great idea for anyone.

Next if you have seen any small spaces there are many that are built on trailers and kept in one spot, however that doesn’t mean all small spaces are built on a trailer. There are many different formats, from small apartments, to small trailers, to small structures, the number of options is really limitless.

So to conclude small spaces are a cool option that are both up to your own needs and design, budget and are limited by your imagination. They are great to save money or live smaller and they teach us lessons in frugality, space management and multi purpose. They are really great to go with the idea of minimalism and below I will be posting some links to some really neat tiny house projects. Let’s hear some feedback, would you ever consider living in a small space? Could you sacrifice your current home for smaller spaces? Let me know in the comments below.
As always have a great day and I hope you learn or find some inspiration here

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